FIVE GEST: Academy Awards Edition

It’s Oscar’s day—time for the 85th Annual Academy Awards. To celebrate, here is a FIVE-GEST of some predictions, reviews, and history of the awards that we thought you might find interesting: 

1). Five Films! Academy Awards Predictions.

Nick Baber gives his two cents on the potential winners and losers.

2). Five Films! More Academy Awards Predictions.

The ever-opinionated Nick Baber looks at five more of his favorites to win awards tonight.

3). Oscar-ocracy: Who Decides the Winners of the Academy Awards?

Take a look at the nominating and voting process of Hollywood’s biggest award.

4). Academy Awards Ads: Winners and Flops

Last year’s Diet Coke ad which celebrated the behind-the-scenes heroes of the movie industry was epic. This year’s Hyundai ads which shoe-horned in an Oscar theme with some footage of their automobiles is a real loser

5). Best Picture Nominees Go Oscar Pop

The designers at Shutterstock gave this year’s Best Picture Nominees a Pop Art treatment…


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