FIVE-GEST: Shipping Containers and Nostalgia Myths--You Know, Stuff You Don't Want to Miss.

Here's what you might-have, but shouldn't-have missed this week on FIVE THôT:

1). Do you REALLY need to have an opinion on EVERYTHING?

Here’s Rocky McGredy ‘s opinion on why not everybody should feel obligated to have an opinion.

2). Five Innovative Ways to Use a Recycled Transatlantic Shipping Container.

Hotels, pop-up stores and even a pizzeria—David Allen Ibsen looks at the different ways recycled shipping containers are being used.

3). Five-Scoop: ‘New Industrialism’ and Module R.

Nick Baber gives the “Five-Scoop” on New York retail shop Module-R, curating flexible, modular, uncommon and often reconfigurable pieces of art, furniture, toys, accessories, wall coverings and more.

4). The Nostalgia Myth: Everything changes. And nothing does, too.

Derek Gordon takes a look at why most nostalgia is really just myth.

5). Walt Disney’s Oscar-nominated "Paperman" Pushes Animation Into a New Direction.

David Allen Ibsen was captivated by the Academy Award-nominated animated short “Paperman” for its new use of technology and captivating story. Perhaps you will be too.

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