FIVE-GEST: The Super Bowl Edition.

What better way to prepare for the big game best advertising day of the year than a look at our five favorite articles about the Super Bowl. Consider it your own pre-game show. 

1). Five Films About Football.

Nick Baber curates a list of five football films to get you sufficiently hyped with team spirit; which ever team you might be rooting for during the big game. 

2). Is Volkswagen's Jamaican Midwesterner Racist? Come-on, Get Happy Mon. It's Just the Super Bowl.

David Allen Ibsen examines the claims of racism being leveled at a Volkswagen ad that is preaching happiness.

3). Super Bowl Autorotica: A Mercedes-Benz Ad Fantasy Makes a Deal with the Devil involving Kate Upton, Willem Dafoe and Usher.

David Allen Ibsen loves cars. And, he loves advertising. And, he loves a good deal with the devil. You’ll love this article as well as the latest Mercedes-Benz ad featured in David’s column “Autorotica.”

4). Five Things To Do on Super Bowl Sunday (Besides Watching the Super Bowl on Sunday)

In his first column for FIVE THôT, Mason Matthews gives us five better ways to spend Super Bowl afternoon than watching the football game.

5). Taco Bell Previews Its “LIVE MAS” Super Bowl Ads With Mixed Results.

And finally, a look at two of the television commercials produced by Taco Bell for the Super Bowl. One made the cut, and the other was benched before the first person entered the stadium.

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