FIVE-ORITES: Yo Yo, Boutros Boutros, Chi Chi and Zsa Zsa -- The Top 20 People with Reduplicated Names

From time to time we like to post a little foolishness. And now is the time. 

We were thinking of all the people in the world with reduplicated names—you know, those who were born, or adopted two of the same names? We’ve all met a Dick Richards or an Eddie Edwards or a Phil Phillips right? But how about:

  1. Boutros Boutros Ghali (U.N. Secretary General)
  2. BeBe and CeCe Winans (singers)
  3. Yo Yo Ma (musician)
  4. Kristoffer Kirstofferson (actor known as Kris Kristofferson)
  5. Chris Christie (Governor of New Jersey)
  6. Zsa Zsa Gabor (Paris Hilton of her day)
  7. CoCo Channel (fashion designer)
  8. Chi-Chi Rodriguez (golfer)
  9. Sirhan Sirhan (Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin)
  10. Galileo Galilei (philosopher and renaissance man)

And a few musicians and bands like reduplification too:

  1. Flavor Flav
  2. Marky Mark
  3. Toto
  4. Duran Duran
  5. Tom Tom Club

And fictional characters too:

  1. Rin Tin Tin
  2. Richie Rich
  3. TinTin
  4. Boo-boo Bear
  5. Bamm-Bamm

Just something to think about, about.


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