Five Reads: The Audubon Book Collection.

The Audubon Field Guide Series is a must have for anyone who takes themselves to be the nature going, outdoorsy, Paul Bunyan type, or the design obsessed, take your pick.

Jean Jacques Audubon dedicated much of his life to studying and documenting various types of birds and his legacy continues with the ever expanding Field Guide series. Flowers, trees, birds and bees, it’s all here. Bound in water-resistant vinyl for weather protection and ready to hit the outdoors. Available over at Best Made.

Printed books may be on the decline with the rise of the E-book and all but just you see, these babies will be historic relics one day, not to mention look great on my your bookshelf.

And if nature isn’t really your thing but you find yourself in need of a refresher on all things handy then man, check out the Handyman in your Pocket guide. See what I did there?

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