Fliz: A Bicycle without a Seat or Pedals.

Is a bicycle still a bicycle if you cannot ride it?

Most bicycles are made with two wheels attached to a frame; a seat and two pedals. Right? But Fliz bicycles have simplified that design. They’ve kept the wheels and the frame, but removed the seat and the pedals. The name “Fliz” is derived from the German word “flitzen” – meaning to whiz or dash.

With the Fliz, the “rider” must walk or run to propel the bike forward. When you’ve created enough speed, you can rest your feet on two poles attached to the wheel centers. The designers of Fliz say that their machine is a “comfortable, ergonomic ride between running and biking.”

Not surprisingly, the design has already received a lot of negative criticism. It is unclear what advantages this new design has over conventional bicycles, or running without this contraption attached to your body.

We say this might be the craziest idea we’ve seen in a long-time—maybe since the foot-powered Flinstone mobile:

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