Freddie Mercury of Queen to Perform “Live” during “We Will Rock You” show.

There are certain artists who are one-of-a-kind, and Queen’s Freddie Mercury fits that bill.

And as proof that the late singer is irreplaceable, but the show must go on, Queen guitarist Brian May has announced that Freddie Mercury will "appear" on stage during a special performance of the musical “We Will Rock You,” in London’s West End on May 14th.

May stressed the new "effect" was not a hologram, as was used to make the late rapper Tupac Shakur perform on stage at the Coachella music festival last month. He’s calling it "an optical illusion of sorts".

The Tupac "hologram" sparked rumors of a Tupac tour, and of a Michael Jackson “hologram” presence during the Jackson 5’s upcoming tour—both rumors have been squashed by the actual people in charge of such things.

And even for Queen, it's a surprising development, as the other half of the remaining Queen team—drummer Roger Taylor told Billboard in April that he did not want to appear with a hologram of his "dear friend." "It's the real one or no hologram for me. But I think it's an amazing effect when used properly -- obviously in darkness," Taylor said at the time.

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