FreeForma Designs the Perfect Nut-Job Bike for Surfers and Skateboarders.

The folks at FreeForma are experts in combining their love of skateboarding, Hip Hop and surfing into a line of t-shirts and apparel. 

But now they’ve taken things to the next level with the FreeForma Bike.  “The Idea just seemed to fall out of my pencil while I was sketching out drawings for t-shirts and trying to come up with new graphic ideas for FreeForma apparel,” says Simon James House.

Incorporating functional art and sculpture into the design, Simon wanted it to be beautiful to look at, and be ride-able. He wanted to design and create something original, so he set out to look for the right team insane enough to join him in this project to create the perfect nut job vehicle. Created and Designed by Simon, and built by industrial designer Ben Wilson, the FreeForma bike is Slide and go with 70 cc Austrian made PUCH automatic engine from the late 1970's.

The FreeForma Bike is available for bespoke orders and you can basically design your own from a choice of reclaimed woods for the board and fin, and with gas tanks and custom handle-bars. 

“You don’t just have to be into surfing skating and biking to like this bike,” says Simon. “People want to touch and feel it and sit on it and can’t help but just stare at it.”

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