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We live in an age of ever progressing technological standards. Be mindful of how often you blink, if you do it too often you’ll miss the next big thing. Right now, somewhere, there’s an engineer working on an even smaller microprocessor that’s ten times faster than the one he was working on 2 years ago. There’s a designer trying to figure out how he could possible make a notebook computer any thinner. Such is the age that we live in.

With this evolution, we have found a way to bring the internet with us in pretty much every scenario. The PC is no longer the standard delivery method for the internet. The modern consumer is quickly realizing that all they need is a tablet or a smartphone to get the basic computing experience they need. Wi-Fi standards have gotten more reliable, less expensive to produce; and, to keep up with the times, faster.

The only thing that hasn’t quite shifted yet in the tech industry is empathy. Products are released with the intention of having the latest hardware on the market in order to keep up with competitors, but major hardware companies don’t always take ease of use into consideration.

One product that consistently fails to be user friendly is the Wi-Fi router. For the average consumer, setting up a router is a pretty mystifying experience. First, you plug it in. Then you must page through a setup wizard– inside of a web browser– that asks you whether or not you’d like to turn on features that don’t make any sense to non-tech-savvy buyers.

Almond+ is a fresh new Kickstarter project that addresses this exact issue. Almond+ is the second product from a company called Securifi, aptly dubbing their products as, “routers for humans.” Their aim is to produce a powerful product, that is easily approached by the average consumer. So far, their efforts have proved fruitful. Their original router, just called the Almond, is the #1 rated router on Amazon. Considering their project still has 37 days left and they’ve already made more than half of their funding, I think Securifi is due for another victory for humanity.

Learn more about them in the video below, and fund the Kickstarter campaign here.

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