We all have goals for ourselves. Places that we’d like to go, projects we’d like to take on, weight we’d like to lose, etc. It’s also much easier to not do any of those things and remain complacent. Sometimes, when we’re motivated, we complete those things that we want to do. If only we could stay motivated all the time. 

What if staying motivated was like a game? Most of us can waste hours on games, so why can’t we focus that same energy on something that benefits us? HabitRPG, a Kickstarter project by Tyler Renelle, attempts to transform the art of staying motivated into a game.

The idea isn’t too complex: create your character and set your goals, gain experience everytime you complete something you want to do, lose health when you don’t. As you gain experience you earn gold, and gold buys you rewards.

If you think this might be the killer app that will finally kick your motivation into gear, then you’re in luck. You can test-drive the app at The kickstarter campaign is only to fund the mobile app. Learn more in the video below, and check out the project here.

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