I'm a music geek. I mean, I'm a geek about plenty of things, but music just happens to be one of the main categories. So, naturally anytime somebody makes something geeky that helps me make music I'm extremely interested.

Enter oneTesla a new campaign on kickstarter, and the subject of this week's edition of FRESH THOTS.

Since it's got Tesla in the title, you can only imagine that oneTesla is some sort of product that has "shooting lightning" as one of it's main features. You'd be right. OneTesla is a "singing tesla coil." Essentially, it's a tesla coil that accepts MIDI input and shoots out lightning as you make music with it. The results are pretty badass.

It's a DIY kit, so it requires a bit of nerdy knowhow, but it looks pretty worth it. Learn more about the oneTesla on in the video below, or fund it on the kickstarter page.

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