From Caveman to Modern Man: The Rise of the Boxer Brief

We recently conducted a survey among 141 FIVE THôT readers--men aged 18-40, looking for behaviors of the Modern Male. What we discovered (among other things) was the Modern Man showers daily (92%) but only shaves on a weekly basis (60%). He gets his haircut every 4-6 weeks (57%) and makes a habit of trimming and shaving his privates (73%). He also prefers the Boxer Brief (70% of respondents). 

Although men's undergarments date back to cavemen times—remember the loincloth?, The shift from Boxers-or-Briefs to Boxer Briefs is an incredibly recent phenomenon. Believe it or now, Boxer Briefs are only around 20 years old. 

The rise of the Boxer Brief happened in the 1990’s, just as the habit of wearing saggy jeans was on the rise. If you were going to be showing off your undies to the world, they better be looking good. Calvin Klein sexualized the Boxer Brief by showcasing fit-and-sexy celebrities wearing only boxer briefs.

Boxer briefs are a combination of two styles: boxers, or loose-fitting undershorts, and shorter, tighter bikini briefs. Boxers generally leave the wearer more room, while briefs provide better support. But Boxer Briefs provide the best attributes of both.

The Boxer Brief’s longer design makes both sides happy by allowing more space for the genitals (than with Briefs) and allow the testicles to be positioned forward, without the grabbing of the tight elastic band around the leg part of the base of the brief. Boxer Briefs are form-fitting without being tight.

And let’s face it, Boxer Briefs look like bathing trunks, making them nearly acceptable to be worn in public. The problem with Boxers was that your junk might fall out—making them totally inappropriate to be worn alone. And briefs are simply too small and revealing. Box Briefs modestly cover you from your waist to mid thigh in an a comfortable, but form-fitting manner. They’re sexy without being creepy.

Yes, there is something about the Boxer Brief…and 70% of the FIVE THOT Modern Men approve.

Image of man in laundromat courtesy of Shutterstock 


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