Hope in Haiti Through a Photographer’s Lens.

Ask any artist producing work, and they’ll tell you – They do not have enough. Not enough materials, not enough time, not enough money. George Lucas will probably say he doesn't have a big enough budget.

The factor that separates the cream from the crop, the artists who are producing for passion and love of art from the rest, are the artists who find ways to continue producing despite their lack of materials.

These are the artists who, if they don’t have a video camera, they use a point and shoot. They don’t have a point and shot, they sketch. No pencil? They draw with a stick in the sand. Montreal based photography Naska Demini is precisely the stick in the sand type of artist.

As a child growing up in Montreal, Canada to Caribbean immigrant parents, Naska didn’t always have enough equipment. The first glimmers that Naska had a driven passion for art came in the form of sketching album covers from his father’s collection. “I was always fascinated by the photos on the album covers from various artist and the way each one of them stood out individually. I would spend countless hours just going through my favorite album covers and tried to initially capture them by drawing them out or trying to sketch them.”

Naska continued to progress humbly. The fist photos he took were on a disposable camera his mom picked up from the local convenience store.

“It wasn't until high school that I really got a chance to explore photography and learn how to use the dark room and learn about composition and framing.”

Throughout and after high school Naska’s passion for photography continued to grow, but it wasn’t until after a chance commission that Naska’s photography career took off. “My original background was in web design and development…a client of mine needed some photography done to accompany his visual heavy website , since I was already working on his web work, I told them that I also do photography and that I was confident enough to pull off what he was looking for.”

It was only after this commission that Naska finally able to obtain the right equipment and take off running.  The direction Naska’s has been headed seems to follow his love of travel. In his recent trip to Haiti, Naska’s photos capture the vibrant spirit of the people and to see if what we see in the news really represents the spirit of the people.

Naska helps us get under the skin of Haitian culture with his upcoming gallery show in Montreal, Quebec titled Hope in Haiti.

Today Naska will probably tell you he still doesn’t have enough time, money, or equipment, but that sure doesn’t stop him from producing quality work.

Find out more about Naska’s trip to Haiti here.

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