Hover Effect: Realtor uses an electronic helicopter to go to new heights for the perfect aerial photo

Real Estate advertising is often mocked and ridiculed for bad taste, near false-advertising claims, airbrushed photos of realtors and low-tech tactics.

But one real estate sales team is taking their advertising to new heights <pun intended> by filming aerial videos shot from an electronic helicopter. The real estate team in question is Teed Haze, and the house is just around the corner from the 5 Blogs Before Lunch clubhouse on Washington Street in San Francisco (you can even see the clubhouse in a couple of the frames). It is also located in the exact place where the Zodiac killer claimed his last victim--just a bit of San Francisco trivia for you.

But I digress...

Aerial photography used to be an expensive proposition, but now with Hover Effect, a lithium battery-powered craft small enough to take off from a patio (see photo) can be used by the masses.

The electronic helicopters can fly at altitudes up to 400 feet. Hover Effect shoots with an 18-megapixel Canon DSLR Camera. in full HD Video. The images being recorded by the helicopter (both stills and video) can be transmitted down to the ground for the client to see while the helicopter is still in the air.

And as for the house in question, it is available for the very affordable price of $8,900,000.

Source: CurbedSF

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