Indian Chief Motorcycles Ride Again.

Indian brand motorcycles are legendary for their design. The company began making cycles in 1901, and were extremely popular up through WWII, but the company went bankrupt in 1953. Still, vintage and antique Indians sell at auction and continue to be well collected. 

1920 Indian

The more well known Harley-Davidson brand started only a few years after Indian (in 1903) and has survived periods of poor quality and competition from Japanese manufacturers.

The Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company’s name has survived through the years, and the brand was purchased in 2011 by Polaris Industries who recently introduced three motorcycle models that capitalize on Indian's traditional styling and are being built under the Indian name.

Introduced this week are the $18,999 Chief Classic, the $20,999 Chief Vintage, and the $22,999 Indian Chieftain—designed to resurrect America’s oldest motorcycle company.

It seems that the Indian Motorcycle is about to rise like a phoenix.

2014 Indian

More on the reserrection at Businessweek

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