Introducing Roem Baur and His Band--Big Drums, a Tuba, and a word from his Poster.

We are big fans of Roem Baur and his music. BIG FANS. We profiled him a few months ago and have kept in touch with him as his music has evolved. Since we last spoke, he’s put together an amazing band, and his music is growing. “What Im doing right now is I’m taking a sound that I’ve sort of had percolating in my head for the last ten years, maybe a little bit longer,” Roem says.

The new sound is a fusion of the music he grew up listening to, evolved to be Roem’s current sound--a fusion of acid jazz, boogie woogie. Roem has been playing as a solo artist--with acoustic guitar. His latest iteration is Roem Baur and His Band. He promises Big Drums, Tuba (yes tuba), and a Big Sound.

If you’re lucky enough to be in San Francisco on August 23 you should check him out at the Brick & Mortar. You can buy tickets here.

If you can’t see him live, you have to check him out on YouTube. His promotional videos are hilariously entertaining. Here are a couple, and a taste of Roem’s music.

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