KICKSTART THIS: Loopwheels is Reinventing the Bicycle Wheel.

It’s oft been said, “you don’t need to reinvent the wheel”—but Sam Pearce did so anyway. He’s created a new 20” bicycle wheel for maximum comfort over bumps, and less vibration from the road, even on a folding bike. He spent the last four years developing bicycle wheels with integral suspension. A spring system between the hub and the rim of the wheel provides suspension, cushioning the rider from bumps and potholes in the road. Loopwheels have a conventional hub with a hub brake and hub gears.  But the spokes are replaced by a spring system. This gives an amazingly smooth, comfortable ride compared with a conventional spoke wheel.  

They’ve turned to Kickstarter to fund “proper production,” and to pay the upfront tooling costs for the bespoke components that attach the springs to the rims and hubs. They hope to manufacture Loopwheels at an affordable price to share with the world.

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