KICKSTART THIS: The Firmament on Kickstarter.

No longer under the stranglehold of a few music industry behemoths, the ability to create and share music has gone through an amazing transformation over the last decade or so. The ability to be successful in self-producing and promoting music is now something achievable by anyone with talent.

Today we highlight one such project on Kickstarter that we think is worthy of attention.

Lindsay Vance, Ryan Geldermann, and Robert Lawson are The Firmament—a band formed in 2010 that produces a unique blend of electronic music with a variety of tribal and orchestral elements.

They’ve historically done all of their own writing, recording, production, mixing, mastering, distribution, and promotion.  But they’ve now turned to Kickstarter to promote their sophomore album, Gravitate and to pay for professional mixing, mastering and manufacturing of a finished 12-track album. 

Expecting a successful Kickstarter campaign, The Firmament expects to release the album in November. Check them out.

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