Kim Kardashian flour bombed--keeping company with Presidents, politicians, and corporate moguls

In 2008 a shoe was thrown at George W. Bush in protest of the Iraq War. In 1998 a pie was thrown in Bill Gates’ face, and an attempted pie plant was made on Rupert Murdoch just last year. Oh, and Mitt Romney and other conservative politians have been glitter-bombed by activists who protest their opposition to same-sex marriage.

It seems, Kim Kardashian is in good company.

This week, as she launched he new perfume line “True Reflection,” the  Zsa Zsa Gabor of Generation Y was covered in flour—“flour bombed” as it is being called, to protest Kardashian’s choice to wear animal fur as clothing. The woman reportedly yelled “fur hag” as she tossed the bag of flour.

The incident, which occurred in West Hollywood at the London Hotel drew the Sherriff, hotel security, and the paramedics.

Kardashian was said to refuse medical treatment, returned to her room, removed the powder from her hair and clothing and returned to the event.

Presidents, politicians, corporate moguls, and Kim Kardashian. Now you know you’ve made it, Kim.

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