Klaus Enrique Gerdes emotively charged images at the AIPAD Photography Show

The amazing photographer Klaus Enrique Gerde is being featured at the AIPAD Photography Show March 29 - April 1, 2012 in New York City.

Klaus Enrique's work offers "an ambitious series of emotively charged images that dissect and re-invent the most relevant and affecting of our human issues. Collectively, they represent a landscape of a reality that is at once deeper than the images to which we are customarily exposed, and transcendent, above the snap-shots of the order of our routine and habit, overcoming particularities of existence to penetrate a world of universality, in which fundamental factors of life and death, defeat and triumph, surface to reveal a singular, intensely moving, image of the nature of our human condition."

The AIPAD Photography Show is considered one of the world’s most important annual photography events, and Klaus Enrique’s The Arcimboldo Series is being featured by his gallery, Robert Burge/Twentieth Century Photographs, Ltd. They'll be showing seven works from the series. But, you can see them here first:


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