Koyakatsi: a Science-Conscious Film of Cyber Threats and Cyber Warfare.

"As these cyber threats continue to expand, so does our vital responsibility to inform and be informed of the technologies fueling them-- As does the need for sophisticated films depicting the realities behind them."—Ayoub Qanir 

Koyakatsi is a sci-film of a different sort. It builds a story from the sciences-up and not the other way around, as most science-fiction films do, and sheds light on new cyber warfare threats and vulnerabilities in our security systems. Koyakatsi is equal parts science and art, and is designed as a mind-bending combination of grit, fantasy and style.  Filmed in Poland using the latest in live action and computer technology, Koyakatsi exposes audiences to current scientific developments and breakthroughs and unveils both the possibilities and dangers of pushing the boundaries of digital organisms.   

Ayoub Qanir is an American film director, writer and industrial designer best known for his award winning short film series Human After All, featuring French music duo, Daft Punk.  He is currently attending a graduate program in Nanotechnology at Harvard University.

Koyakatsi is based on current scientific achievements in Artificial intelligence and actual ongoing research currently in progress at The University of Leeds in the UK and Tokyo University, where scientists and researchers are building biological computer hard-drives harnessing the flow of magnetic bacteria.  

The film is currently in post-production. Check out their website and Facebook page for more information.

KOYAKATSI Teaser 2 from Ayoub Qanir on Vimeo.


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