LET'S GET WEIRD: Depressed Copywriter

If there’s one thing that I can enjoy today, as much as I could in elementary school, it’s Mad Libs. Maybe I’m alone on this sentiment, or maybe there is something primally hilarious about replacing the nouns and verbs in a sentence. Now, assuming the character of a depressed individual who writes the content for advertising, and applying the same rules as Mad Libs to banner ads. Sound Weird? You got it.

Depressed Copywriter makes the above idea a reality. Maybe the idea sounds funny, but the actual physical product has me in stitches. The statements in the images become so jarringly dark, that the extremism transforms to silliness. I dunno, maybe it’s schadenfreude.

You have to see it for yourself. You can check the blog out here, and even follow Depressed Copyrwiter on Instagram.

Come back next week, and we promise it’ll be even Weirder!

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