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I use Facebook, yes, but sometimes I’m a little ashamed of the fact that I use Facebook. I think it’s hard to deny the fact that the larger a website’s user base is, the more likely you are to run into a post that sends you flying into a blind rage. Maybe it’s an extremely ignorant image from the fan page of a political party you don’t particularly agree with, other times its a flagrant display stupidity that’s laughably terrible. Whatever it may be, surely you’ve seen it. 

Faceobok is essentially a highlight reel of the idiocy that exists on Facebook. You know, all that stuff you had a “dislike” button for. But also, at the same time, some of the stuff on here is too hilarious to pass up. You see it. You know it’s silly. You like it anyway.

If you’re like me, and one of your main hobbies includes ironically liking things,  then Faceobok is for you. God I love the internet.

Check it out here, and tune in next week for more Let’s Get Weird.

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