LET'S GET WEIRD: Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising

What’s the time? It’s time to get weird! I said, what’s the time? It’s time to get we– I’m sorry, I promise never to do that again. I guess I’m just excited to show you my latest weird finding in the Tumblosphere, for this weeks edition of: Let’s Get Weird.

Before we unveil our latest candidate, we’d like to extend our humblest apologies for not bringing you any weirdness last week. Needless to say, we were quite tired and hungover; but I digress. Regardless, we’re back into it! So, let’s get to it!

THIS WEEK: Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising (TPDSAA)

We all know that a lot of internet display advertising is lame, but what most of us don’t perceive is that there is a very deliberate strategy behind everything that is presented to us through display advertising.

Advertisers expect a certain response from their audience, but our response is usually the exact opposite. TPDSAA shows us the intended response... in a hilarious way.

If you think business jargon, and stupid stock photos are comical, then this is the weird Tumblr for you!

Check it out here!

And we promise not to be hungover next week, so tune back in for Let’s Get Weird!

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