Mad Men Accessories: the "Draper Pendant" "Draper Tie Clip" and "Draper Cufflink" from Designer Aaron Saucier

We didn't think we could love any more than we aleady do, until we spied the perfect Mad Men accessory on their website. Check out Aaron Saucier’s collection of vintage-inspired jewelry with the iconic image of the "toppling exec" from the Mad Men series. Check out the "Daper Pendant" "The Draper Tie Clip" and "The Draper Cufflinks." The seclection includes rings, necklaces, cufflinks and tie bars.

"In this latest collection, I am exploring the concepts of Pop Art, extracting a meme from its context. My goal was to challenge societal concepts of jewelry through an interpretation of icons of contemporary business and advertising." says Aaron Saucier, Owner/Designer

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