Michael Phelps Submerged in a Bathtub for Annie Liebovitz and Louis Vuitton

Once was a time we might have heard the call and retort: “Michael Phelps, you just become the most decorated Olympian in history. What’s next?” / “I’m going to Disneyland.”

But for Michael Phelps, he has other places to go. Namely into the photographic studio of Annie Liebovitz for a Louis Vuitton fashion shoot.

Liebovitz is inarguably the most talented, prolific, portrait photographer of our time. She definitely knows how to tell a story, and create stunning images while she’s at it.

For the Louis Vuitton shoot, Liebovitz puts Phelps in a somewhat familiar environment—submerged in water, wearing a black Speedo and some goggles, but mixes things up a bit placing him in a gorgeous, stark bathtub beside a Vuitton tote. It is a brilliant set up—a model for a fashion house, who rarely is scene with his clothes on.

It is a perfectly sexy shot, promoting the brand's high-end range of day bags and luggage. Other famous faces who have posed for Louis Vuitton include Muhammad Ali, Sean Connery, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie and Catherine Deneuve, among others. Phelps seems to fit right in with this crowd. 

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