Moby the "dilettante architectural photographer" aims at L.A.

A couple of weeks ago, Moby, the muscian, DJ, and photographer, launched a blog of architectural photography from around his L.A. neighborhood, simply called "Moby Los Angeles Architectural Blog."

Los Angeles has a fascinating array of architectural styles--some constructed with style and restraint, others with Hollywood glitter and stomach churning bad taste. "Every day i arbitrarily see buildings and houses and odd structures that go from the beautiful to the banal, usually within 10 feet of each other." he wrote in his first post.

He says he'll be posting a daily (or weekly) collection of "the randsom and strange and banal and beautiful architecture I see in L.A."

L.A. architecture, curated by the wonderful eye of Moby. We'll be keeping tabs on this one. We think you should too.

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