New Yorker Festival Instagram Mosaic “MADE FOR MANKIND”

As part of the New Yorker Festival this October, the organization is partnering with sponsor Acura for the “MADE FOR MANKIND” Instagram mosaic art installation that will be created in realtime during the festival. 

They’re crowd sourcing images for the mosaic by asking people to Instagram a photo of something you find inspiring or thought-provoking, and send a signal to the New Yorker Festival team by using the hashtags #NYerFest and #Acura, by October 6th. They’re looking for photos of nature, landscapes, cityscapes, self-portraits…nothing that has photo usage rights issues like people, brands, etc. By posting and hashtagging, your photo may be selected for inclusion in an Instagram mosaic. The festival will post a time-lapse video of the mosaic coming to life on or after October 15.



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