NYCxDESIGN Fest: 12 Days of Design—from Fashion, to Architecture.

The word “design” has broad application. Consider architectural design, graphic design, fashion design, product design, industrial design and interior design…and many more.

Well, the folks at NYCxDesign (NYC by Design) have accepted this broad definition and included all said referenced categories—from architecture to fashion, in its 12-day Design Fest to be held May 10-21.

It is the first time this citywide event will be held, and plans are to showcase and promote “design” through exhibitions, installations, trade shows, talks, launches and open studios, including many free events. NYCxDESIGN intends to create a platform for cultural and commercial opportunities, elevate established and emerging design practices and increase awareness of and appreciation for design by all audiences.

NYCxDESIGN is a collaboration among the City Council, Mayor’s Office, City agencies and a steering committee composed of some of the City’s most renowned design institutions, retailers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, curators, educators, editors and—of course—designers. NYCxDesign will help demonstrate that New York City is the design capital of the world,” said City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn according to WWD. “All five boroughs are home to a staggering amount of design talent in a wide range of disciplines, and this inaugural citywide event will help harness this potential and turn it into a tool for economic growth,” she said.

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