One Tiny Hand: "One Tiny Step for Hands, One Giant Leap for Mankind."

Tumblogs--the blogs on Tumblr, are a font of creativity, and a haven for fits of artistic folly. We've featured a Tumblog called The Cosby Sweater Project (a site dedicated to the sweaters worn on the Cosby Show in the 1980's), and another called Pinup RDJ (a Photo-shopped homage to actor Robert Downey Jr., envisioned as a 1930's pin-up girl).

Equally outrageous is a site that friend of THE FIVE, Zoli, forwarded to us yesterday. It is called One Tiny Hand. It is as it sounds. It's about imaging famous characters in history, if they had one tiny hand. We're unsure of the inspiration for this, or if there is a political statement being made, but we love the humorous approach.

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