"Outlaws and Icons" Gravity Free Design Conference: 20 Different Designers from 20 Different Design Disciplines

The Gravity Free design conference is a two-day conversational meetup with some of the world's most inspiring design thinkers and doers. Designers of fashion, typography, book covers, games, comics, landscapes, and brand experiences will be gathering in Chicago on May 1 and 2.

The organizers say the event is designed to take attendees out of their daily routine of familiar ideas, and connect them with the most diverse and fearless designers who are changing the way we see the world.

“This year's theme – ‘Outlaws and Icons’ - is a riveting program of twenty of the world's most fearless designers whose passion and personal vision takes them outside convention - where breaking the rules often produces breathtaking results. No surprise: Outlaws often become icons.”

The program includes 20 different designers from 20 different design disciplines: Javier Mariscal, a multidisciplinary maverick of design; George Lois, Art Director/Magazine Designer, Iris van Herpen, Fashion Designer; Rafael de Cardenas, Interior Designer; Neville Brody,Typographer; Ivan Brunetti, Comic Book Artist; Chip Kidd, Book Cover Designer; Jer Thorp, Data Visualization; Leland Maschmeyer, Commercial Designer, Professor, & Writer; Alex Lieu, Artificial Reality Game Designer; James Ramsey, Urbanist; Margie Ruddick, Landscape Designer; James Victore, Graphic Designer; Gordon Gill, Architect; Kyle Cooper, Motion Designer; Brian Collins, Brand & Experience Designer; Karsten Schmidt, Computational Designer.

It looks like it might be worth checking-out. Details are here.

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