Prepare For The Future: Print Your Own Clothes.

I know, it may feel like the future already. Your cell phone, which does everything under the Sun aside from being reliable about making phone calls, gives you on the spot driving directions, and a wealth of knowledge is literally at your finger tips. But what about tomorrow? Or next year? Better yet, what about in year 2050?

Joshua Harris not only solves a major problem of today - but also gives us great insight into the world of tomorrow. His clothing printer concept all but eliminates the need for mass produced, cost-inefficient clothing that we’re so used to today.

Last week I ordered some clothes from one of my favorite Men’s online retailers and as I checked day by day to see it’s shipping status, I was shocked to find that my clothing was being moved from Pasadena, Ca to New York, then to Tennessee, and finally to my door step in San Francisco, CA. In the future, I might be able to buy the design for a hoodie, toss in the appropriate material cartridges into my very own clothing robot and presto! In home clothing production. Without all that unnecessary shipping.

And what of old clothing? Toss it out? Donate to Goodwill? Nope. Simply insert your older piece of clothing and your handy dandy robot breaks down the item into thread, cleans it, and is ready for use once again.

Here’s hoping that I make it past 2050 because who wouldn’t want to play around with this bad boy? I’m thinking the natural next step is having it scan my bod so that clothes fit perfectly for everyone. What do you think? In home clothing production by 2050, efficiency at it’s best, or just more robots taking our jobs?

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