Prince Harry's naked arse ends-up on a bottle of “Royal Blush” French Rosé.

Thanks to English wine merchant Sheldon’s Wine Cellars, you can own a bit of Prince Harry’s royal arse. It’s the photo-gone-viral image of Prince Harry’s naked rear-end that was the inspiration for artist Dan Lacey’s painting of the young British prince that’s ended-up (pun intended) as the label for a bottle of French Rosé called “Royal Blush.”

Get a load of the tasting note on the website that clearly says “Prince Harry” all over it:

This French rose wine is uncomplicated and easy drinking and hits the spot everytime. Vinified from the local Tannat grape variety, harvested fully ripe in October, Royal Blush is a vivid pale strawberry pink with aromas of crushed red berries, laced with an exotic twist. On the palate instantly appealing soft berry flavours mingle with a smooth, yet textural finish to make this an uncomplicated, easy drinking fresh and fruity dry rose of real character.

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