PRO PORTRAIT: Artist and Photographer Matthew Tammaro.

Creative Professional Matthew Tammaro uses visual cues to evoke an emotional state, trying to find something harmonious in his work.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Matthew began his creative pursuits by drawing and painting, but by the first year of university he decided to drop out and go to photography school instead.

For him, going from drawing and painting to photography was a natural progression. Photography gives Matthew a connection to a sense of reality, while painting accomplishes what he says is a better visual art.

“In photography, I think you can evoke a much stronger literal understanding, which is emotionally potent in its own way, apart from painting's evocativeness,” he says.

Matthew sees the connection not only between drawing, painting and photography, but in music as well. “It just evokes innate and learned responses so well.  It makes you dance, or move, or sing, or whatever.  Visual arts is really great when it has this ability to evoke similar, but not necessarily kinetic, feelings.  Like, you can feel desire, or disgust, or harmony when you look at an image.”  

Matthew just recently relocated to Los Angeles to open the next door on his life path. “I feel that I've opened a door into a completely different world from what I was used to in Toronto.  Everything about it is different.  The light, the people, the industry, the environment.  I'm sort of in shock from it all.  It's exciting, but I know the dust will settle eventually, and I think I'll know my "path" a bit better then.”

Like many artists, Matthew has noticed the particular light in Los Angeles. “Colors here are incredibly inspiring, so I want to incorporate that more and more into the dream-state of my photos.” And, like many who step into L.A.’s glare, Matthew is discovering the world of film and motion. “I'm excited to just be doing more work and to see what comes out of it.”

We are too Matthew.



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