PRO-PORTRAIT: Ben Zank and His Bicycle.

Ben Zank is in his last semester of college at SUNY Purchase. And, while the 21 year-old is majoring in journalism, he clearly has a passion for photography. “Honestly, I don't really think I'll be getting a job in that department (journalism)…I just want to keep shooting!”

Ben is currently working on a 365-day photography project on Flickr, and uses self-portrait as a theme across his work. He also has an eye for symmetry and a clear point of view in his work.

What caught our attention recently was a photographic series he did of self-portraits on his bicycle. Shot mostly indoors in the halls of buildings, the image’s strength are in their symmetry and seemingly “caught-in-the-act” rebellion of riding through the halls unbothered.

Ben says the idea for the series came out of nowhere. “I was biking around my school's campus one night and taking some photos when I thought it would be a jolly idea to ride my bike into one of the school buildings,” he recalls,  “The idea for it just popped into my head and people seemed to like the idea so I kept shooting in new locations.”

Ben shot the images using a tripod and a small wireless remote hidden in one of his hands. Cheekily, he says there may or may not have been some photo shopping in order to achieve the symmetrical effect.

Currently, Ben’s obsessions are his camera, Orzo, chocolate chip cookies, Tame Impala, and staying fit. We’re not sure if it is Orzo, Tame Impala or Ben’s natural creative impulses that inspire him in his photography, but whatever it is, it seems to be working.

Find Ben on Facebook, or at his portfolio site. 



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