PRO PORTRAIT: Designer and Photographer Brandon Sharpe sees Adventure in Every Shot.

Brandon Sharpe is a 28-year old graphic designer. His love for visual storytelling led him to pick up a camera and start shooting after years of working in graphics and animation for advertising agencies and news stations. “From that moment on I have just been taking pictures of anything and everything that interest me and have really tried to develop my own voice through my photography.”

Brandon still works a day job at an advertising agency in Chicago, but when he’s not creating in the commercial world, he’s out exploring his environment and trying to document it as much as possible. He’s obsessed with climbing on buildings and exploring new territories.

Brandon sees photography to be as much about the adventure as the shot. “I think photography to me is one-part photographer and a one-part explorer. That may not be the cocktail equation for every photographer but it seems to work out for me.”

“When I am out taking photos I am fully invested in my time spent and truly seeking out any type of adventure possible. I like to loose my sense of time all together and just roam and truly get lost in the experience.” 

Brandon says he has always had lots of different interests in my life—from being in a death metal band called Dlemona" to being obsessed with visual storytelling, design and photography. “I have a natural drive that really helps push me to make sure that anything I am active in is not just done at the minimum but really pushed to its limits and enjoyed. Where I am grateful to have a full time desk job especially with the economy the way it is, I dream of being a traveling photographer one day and getting paid to be outside exploring new things and documenting it day to day. I am pushing every day to make that a reality. As for advice to anyone with a creative desire? “Do what you love, because it's what you love to do.”

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