PRO PORTRAIT: Marcus Møller Bitsch is a Photographer Whose Fantasy is Too Developed.

Marcus Møller Bitsch says he has been creative since he could crawl. His creativity even spills over into his extremely realistic dreams and nightmares —causing heavy sleep problems. His parents once sent him to a doctor, who said that his “fantasy” was too “developed”. 

Marcus loves to draw, paint, sculpt, build surf and free-dive. His interest in photography started while on vacation with his parents in Malta when Marcus was 10 years-old. Photos served the purpose of showing them what he witnessed in his undersea explorations while he was free diving, and they were on shore.

He quickly became obsessed with showing what lies beneath the surface (an apt metaphor) and eventually decided to start a 365 days project. “When I started the project I began a journey in understanding the photography world. I started the project, because I wanted to make something out of my day, but also to pursue my newly profound passion. I wanted to learn, to discover the world of photography and the tell stories through my camera.” This now 20 year-old self-taught photographer from Aarhus, Denmark is now focused on conceptual fine art. “I try to keep my photography/art very minimalistic, make it tell different stories each time you look at it and keep it realistic but with surrealistic elements. I want to show the hiding magic and stories in the otherwise boring world – as many people see it.”

In the world of digital retouching, one of Marcus’ goals is to make photos which are realistic, but looks surrealistic without further editing or anything. His next project is to make a book out of his 365 days project. He plans to move to Sydney, Australia after school, in order to photograph, travel, write a book and naturally—surf.

Marcus says that being on or under the water—surfing or free diving, allows his extremely creative mind to focus away from the fantasies and dreams, and instead focus on the moment…but only for just a moment, before his creativity takes hold of him once again.


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