PRO PORTRAIT: Matt Eich Revels in the Act of Seeing, and Finding Beauty All Around.

Matt Eich has been a freelance photographer since he was 19 years old. The 26 year-old’s first brush with photography goes back to when he was ten years old, on a road trip with his grandfather. His grandmother was dying of Alzheimer’s and cancer, and he loans Matt a camera to record their trip. “This is the first time I realize that a photograph has weight, the power to encapsulate a feeling, or a place. The need to photograph somehow stems from an acknowledgement of the instability of memory, and a desire to safely store my past.” 

Matt sees himself as a hunter/gatherer, “…seeking a fraction of life that is emotionally resonant.” He tries to connect with his subject and become a conduit that shapes the experience—a narrator of sorts which lets the voice of the subject come through.

“I love wandering around places where I do not belong; I revel in the act of seeing, I find beauty all around me.”

Matt’s work will be featured in his first solo museum exhibition at The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, opening on September 12, 2013, and this summer he will be participating in the Light Work Artist-in-Residence program in Syracuse, NY.

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