PRO PORTRAIT: Mustafa Seven is Documenting the People on the Street

Documentary photographer Mustafa Seven has always loved being on the streets and observing people. He has worked for newspapers as a photojournalist in Istanbul, Turkey for 17 years. He says that people on the streets are his biggest inspiration and passion. “I will always be out on the streets.”  

“Since I was a kid, I have been really curious about human life. For me humans are the only living being that can hold both singularity and plurality inside. This creates an eternal source of diversity that pulls me in.”

Mustafa Seven is prolific with his photography--particularly on Instagram. He seems to shoot endlessly, posting frequently, and sharing the humanity of life with as many who he can find to watch.

He says he loves the universality of photography, as the one and only language that every one knows. “I just offer people vehicles that they can dream on,” he says.

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