PRO PORTRAIT: Nostalgic Illustrations by Jason Marzloff

Jason Marzloff has a nostalgic style to his illustrations, combining his fondness for pop culture and iconic images that inspire visual triggers in people’s minds.

Jason always loved to tell stories. “As a kid, I’d buy Marvel and DC Comics and I grew up loving The Goonies, Ghostbusters, Neverending Story and even some horror movies – the Nightmare on Elm Street and Alien series.”

He likes to use a simple line and just enough detail to make the image recognizable enough to allow the viewer to fill-in the rest with their own memory, which translates to what Jason believes is a genuine connection with the viewer. “Nostalgia is fun, and fun inspires me,” says Jason. “In painting nostalgic and iconic images, my goal is simply to give the viewer a smile and take them to a time and place of joy and naïve possibilities.”

Jason has spent over a decade collaborating in coloring work for a private studio, representing Marvel and DC Comics. His work has appeared in newspapers like the NY Observer, magazines, catalogs and in galleries from Los Angeles to Singapore. Lately, he’s been drawing different pop culture characters as Stromtroopers… from George Washington to Jon Hamm, and posting them on his Twitter account @marzjunior. His work has also been featured in commercials on the Food Network. “I still do illustrations and paintings but I’m excited to be expanding into animation and some other media.”

Jason is also working on animated short show and an E-book/app. “The show’s called Wolfsburg- it’s about a hipster that transforms in to a werewolf when he gets drunk- and I’ve got all the stills drawn and voices recorded so it’s at the animatic stage.” The E-book is going to be a kids’ story about some chess-playing pirates and the app’s going to let it be interactive- “hopefully the kids will get a kick out of that.”

That’s all to say that Jason is fully immersed in the creative professions—using his signature theme of nostalgic moments, embedded in his work.

So what’s Jason’s current obsession? Not surprisingly it has a nostalgic twist—SNES video games. “I recently rediscovered how much fun the old system is. I’ve got my original old console and everything. My friends and I have been having a blast riding our bikes to hunt down old games we used to love at little comic book stores and specialty gaming stores. It’s like a Goonies’ treasure-hunting adventure, but with less danger and more age.”

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