PRO PORTRAIT: Olga Valeska—Presenting Dreams in a More Concrete Way with Photography.

Olga Valeska only began focusing on photography a year and a half ago but the universe which is presented through her photographs has always been in her thoughts. “I always felt the need to dream, to create worlds ... the need for something other than the reality which has never satisfied me.” 

She sees herself as a “creator of images”—as a way to present dreams in a more concrete way. She says she does not like photography, or cameras—“I do not like the idea that the device creates the image for me: it is like a barrier between me and the dream.

“I also combine a sense of modernity, a form of rationality, something prosaic, far from my ideals. I find the figure of the painter or sculptor so much more romantic, much more poetic. I guess the photographer as a vampire appropriating moments of reality, shapes and colors that ultimately does not belong to him, he has not created. This is why I like a lot to my approach to staging and self-portrait, but also the mix of photography and drawing and painting.”

Her process allows her to bring all of her passions: creating costumes, set decoration, modelling, makeup, hair together as one. “If there were not all that, I would not be a photographer. Photography is a medium like any other, and my world would always be there, even if I did not photograph.”

“My approach is quite specific, based on a deep introspection’s exercice. I try to be the more close to myself, to my unconscious. It’s a a journey inside myself  where I discover new places every day. The strangeness, the duality, the mystery interest me... anything that is beyond our understanding, anything that transcend us. But what I reveal in my photography is also my vision of this world which I'm trying to explore and understand. Since a long time, I am dissatisfied with reality, I wish more than anything to give meaning to existence: this is my way of doing this. I take pictures to show to this world that I love it and that I hate it all at once: first by sublimating it, trying to show his greatness, but then also by opposing a entirely different universe.”


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