PRO PORTRAIT: Photographer Alex Shahmiri mixes music, people and places as he documents life on the road.

Alex Shahmiri has always been fascinated with just how small people are when surrounded by nature. In his photography, he focuses on people and places— portraiture, and shooting environmental portraits. Alex is 22 year-old Los Angeles based photographer & director who also does tour managing for bands. He uses those opportunities to see the world and document life on the road. 

Like many a creative person, Alex started out in photography as a kid with a small plastic camera that he’d take with him on family vacations, and outings. “I always loved taking photos here and there, and as I got older I started appreciating it more and more.” In college, he began shooting every day and ended up on tour with the band Young the Giant and started In the Open, which is a series of single take music sessions that showcase musicians in unique environments such as cliff sides, caves, and corn fields.

Alex is currently obsessed with a lot of new music coming out as of late. He’s particularly enamored with the new James Blake album. “Music has always been a huge part of my life. As someone who has never been the greatest musician, I always appreciate those musicians who go above and beyond to create incredible content.”  

Over the next few months, Alex plans to do a lot of traveling—and doing a lot of photography and video. “When I turned 22 I told myself that I wanted to travel as much as possible before turning 23. Every new location gives me more drive and inspiration to create better content.” 

Traveling has long been a source of interesting experiences for Alex. “One of the strangest experiences I’ve had while taking a photo was when I was around 10 years old in Singapore. My family and I went to an open park zoo where monkeys roamed freely. At one point my family needed to stop and pick up more film, so while they were buying film from the rest stop kiosk I saw a monkey sitting in a tree. I walked over, lifted my camera up to take the photo and as soon as I was about to take the photo the monkey jumped down at me with her arms in the air and the loudest screaming I have ever heard from any creature. This then caused me to run the other way while yelling and the monkey was sent screaming the opposite direction. All the tourists in the area started cracking up at what they just saw. I never did get that shot, but that experience always makes me remember why I love photography.” 

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