PRO PORTRAIT: Photographer Alex Stoddard is Exploring the Dark Stories Tumbling Around in his Head.

Alex Stoddard discovered his way of expressing himself—and making sense of all of those stories tumbling around in his head, at the age of 16. The now-19 year-old began taking self-portraits in the woods behind his Georgian home, and this stirred in him the need to create and express himself through the craft of photography. “I was never any good at painting or drawing, but, in time, through trying out all the traditional forms of art, I came to find photography.”

Growing up, “photography” to Alex were the vacation and holiday snapshots his family would take. He had never considered it an art form until he started seeing fine art photographers on the Internet, and he began taking pictures himself—discovering it as a vehicle of personal expression, and as a way to tell stories.

“Almost immediately after starting to take photographs, I began a personal project in which I sought to take a photograph every day for a year. This project essentially sculpted my style and honed my technical skills, making me a much better photographer in a relatively short amount of time.” The 365 project also gained Alex a lot of exposure online.

With all of the exposure, Alex began to consider photography as a profession. Abandoning his desire to become a doctor, he decided to devote his life to his passion, and “this craft that I had taken to.”

After high school, Alex left his hometown in rural Georgia, and move to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a fine art photographer.

Alex’s photography is rooted in surreal scenes and fantastical stories. “I love to explore the dark side of human nature and how beauty is still able to blossom even in the deepest of shadows.” He sees his work as having a timeless quality—setting scenes against a natural or decrepit background. “I also love to explore man's relationship with nature, how the human form fits into and communicates with the natural world.” 

And, back to all of those stories bouncing around in Alex’s head—he’s currently expressing them more and more by photographing children—living out his childhood through his images. “Lately, I have been exploring dark stories with child subjects, almost as if I'm making the fears I had as a child real.”

Alex is also working on putting together his first solo show in Los Angeles, and shooting more commercial work.


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