PRO PORTRAIT: Photographer and Videographer Eric Minh Swenson. Capturing the art of creating art.

Watch the magic unfold; the works of Eric Minh Swenson give us a peek into the intimacy of the artistic process. In his films and photography, Eric documents the art of creating art.

A second-generation artist, Eric developed a passion for photography while spending summers with his father in Colorado. Eric went on to win awards and scholarships for his work.

In the early 2000’s the availability of affordable video equipment became a catalyst for Eric as he began to create feature films and music videos. His first releases were a trio of feature films about life in Hollywood from the perspective of his impov actor friends.

Eric noticed that there was a huge lack of documentation of the artistic process and nobody was capturing those magic moments between idea and finished project. Eric began creating videos that documented individual artist’s processes. Eric has captured the artistic process of many artists including Chase Langford and Moshé Elimelech.

Currently Eric is working on a film called Mana about the Los Angeles art scene. Filmed in Hawaii, Mana was heavily influenced by light, water and the surf scene. Mana will be released in early 2014.

For more information about Eric you can check out his website here

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