PRO-PORTRAIT: Photographer Beata Rydén Visualizes our Inner Worlds and Psychological Struggles.

Beata Rydén is a photographic artist that creates images that are dreamlike, imaginative and surrealistic.

Beata lives in a small town in Sweden—filled with cafes and cultural happenings. It is her surroundings that inspire her creativity. “My goal is to visualize our inner worlds and psychological struggles. I believe that photography is the perfect medium for me to reflect upon life and the human existence.” 

I am always thinking about how to find peace in this world. Our lives can be chaotic, stressful and painful. Because of that, I am interested in our ability to have integrity and find peace within ourselves. I also think a lot about the philosophical aspects of life. Why are we here, what is the purpose, how can we live life to the fullest? I find the balance between our inner world and the outer world to be very interesting. How do we manage to live as a "normal individual" without loosing our inner child?

She’s currently studying photography and has begun to sell her art as limited edition prints. “My goal is to make a living out of conceptual, fine art photography. I am not very interested in shooting weddings or portraits at the moment, and I find it important to follow your heart and create what you´re truly passionate about.”

Beata currently has three photographic series.

Singles is where I have gathered all of my photographs that doesn´t belong to a special series, though they all have my dreamy, imaginative and surrealistic style in common!

Exit is a project where I´m exploring freedom and it´s possibilities to exist in our modern society. Is it possible to be a free thinking individual, making choices based upon our inner desires, in a world where dreams are advertised as goods to buy?

Finding Peace is a series about the importance of integrity. I use a big bubble to illustrate our ability to protect ourselves from a sometimes chaotic world. To me, this is my most important project, and I will create many more pictures in this series.

You can find Beata on Facebook, at her website or her blog.

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