PRO PORTRAIT: Photographer Brian Oldham Thinks of Things Both Beautiful and Strange.

Look at Brian Oldham’s photography and you’ll see that he has something of an ongoing obsession with the exploration of death, and telling stories of monsters and fairies. Clearly, Brian’s mind is always wandering to other places beyond reality. 

Brian began taking photographs at the age of sixteen, and as he experimented with self-portraiture and surrealism, his love of photography blossomed as he taught himself how to create freely. Brian keeps his passion of all things beautiful and strange ever present in his work, creating surreal, conceptual images that transport the viewer to new worlds.

Brian says he has always had a love for art, imagining, and creating. “When I was younger, I would always come up with elaborate games and scenarios to keep myself busy, and it guess is sort of just snowballed into a passion for storytelling and creating.”

Three years ago, 20 year-old Brian became aware of photography as a means to channel his creative interests. “I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when I saw a friend post a link to a conceptual photographers website, and I was completely blown away. My mind was opened up to what photography could be for me, and I started taking pictures the next day.”

Brian likes to create imaginary scenes and impossible stories, often symbolizing real-world issues or feelings. Brian works as a freelance photographer, specializing in fashion and fine art photography in Los Angeles. He’s currently working on two series, one titled "Beautiful Lies", and another called "The Art of Creation". After that, he says he’s not sure what I'll move on to. “I have notebooks full of sketches and ideas waiting to be made that I'm always thinking about and planning further.” 



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