PRO PORTRAIT: Photographer David Talley Makes Heartbreak and Love a Beautiful Thing.

David Talley is a self-taught, 20 year-old fine art and commercial photographer who discovered his passion during high school while longboard skateboarding through the hills and roads of his hometown in Los Angeles. His desire to document and create artistic images while longboarding led to a 365-day conceptual self-portrait challenge, and a career in fine art photography. “I decided after the project, and a few months into summer, that I wouldn't return to college just yet,” says David, “but rather pursue photography full-force, and start to build a career around the passion that had grown within me.”

David describes his work as fusing surreal concepts and compositions with the emotions of romance, heartbreak, and adventure--striving to make dark emotion and painful or new experiences a beautiful thing. He loves making a meaningful connection with the viewer by showing them that these emotions are universal and that the viewer is not alone, even the darkest of times. 

“My work evolved greatly after my first year of college, where I experienced a lot of different emotions and adventures within the course of a year, some good, and some not-so-good. These emotions began to manifest through surreal, storyline-driven images in my photographs, and as I became aware of it, I grabbed hold and ran.”

David says he likes to take the emotions brought out by heartbreak and love and put them into a photograph that is beautiful and speaks to the viewer. “I want to create an adventurous world through my photographs - an entire planet containing stories full of mystery and wonder and surrealism, not even heard of yet, but occurring even though they've not been told.”

His work has been fueled and influenced by the work of everyone from Lissy Elle Larrichia and Brooke Shaden, his friend and fellow photographer Alex Stoddard, and even Adam Colton from skateboard company Loaded Boards.

Lately, David has been creating multiple images have a surreal storyline. He’s also begun shooting fashion images, and examining a career in commercial and editorial photography. He’s been shooting indoor in places such as car garages and abandoned houses. He’s also been getting into film creation, writing, and editing, working on two short film projects, and working with a friend on creating music videos. He says that “Seeing an entire story play itself out in a cinema-atmosphere is probably one of the coolest feeling ever.” 

Whether through film, photography or whatever he decides to pursue next, David’s passion for creating surreal story lines and beautiful imagery clearly comes through.

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