PRO PORTRAIT: Photographer David Uzochukwu. Putting his Thoughts to Rest.

You can see how freedom, and escape play a big role in the photography of David Uzochukwu. David is a fourteen year-old photographer living in Luxembourg—a place he dreams to escape. “Luxembourg feels hostile to me.”

Like many schoolboys, David dreams of other places, and other lives, and he channels these visions into his photography. David has always loved to create, no matter what. As a younger boy in Innsbruck, Austria, he’d hours walking through forests and looking for interesting things.

“I've always been a collector, and I've always loved to create,” says David. “So when I discovered that I could combine those two things with photography, I knew I'd already fallen for it.” 

Once he started taking self-portraits he became addicted. “They're incredibly therapeutic. Being alone in front of the camera, to express ones thoughts and feelings, then ending up with pictures that show just that- it really is incredible, and it feels so good.” David says his photography calms him, and helps put his thoughts to rest.

“Self-portraiture taught me so many things about myself, because it forced me to actually spend time thinking about who I am. Photography confronted me with the different facets of my personality.”

David found through photography that he like to represent my ideas, dreams, and feelings with surreal stories. He believes they make the viewer think more about the picture than just a real-life representation. 

“To get better in photography, I promised myself to take a picture that I was satisfied with every week- I started a 52-project. I usually got up while everyone was still sleeping, went outside and did what I felt like doing. I now love early mornings more than anything else, just thinking about them soothes me. I finished the project two days ago. It was hard sometimes, even though one wouldn't think it could be. I'm so excited to finally be able to plan pictures extensively beforehand, to be able to express myself as well as I can. I now know very well that I work better without any pressure, and tons of ideas started filling my head the second I finished the project.” 

Apart from photography, David enjoys dancing and reading. “Dancing is all about expressing yourself, reading about dipping into other worlds. So really, I just love to tell and listen to stories.”

David says he is immensely inspired by spontaneous people, and by people who stay true to themselves. He says they radiate such an immense energy that “being surrounded by them makes you feel like you'd burst any moment. They make you want to be the best person you possibly could be. I know that to be this person, I have to keep creating. Otherwise, I would go mad.” 



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