PRO PORTRAIT: Photographer Evan James Atwood

Evan James Atwood is a photographer who enjoys capturing life in times of high emotion. Evan’s emotions—whether they be felt in the darker, or lighter moments of life show us in his photos. “I’ve used photography as both a journal what’s happening (usually emotionally) in my life,” says Evan, and “as a way to experiment to see what I can create with the tools that I have.”

He says he can sometimes spend more time in thought about capturing an image than actually trying to make it a reality. “I’m always interested in how exactly I can express certain feelings or thoughts, but recently haven’t been able to capture what’s going on in my life,” he says. “I hope I can find more direction in my life, but sometimes being directionless is a necessity of life.”

Recently, Evan has taken to heading up to Colorado (from Arizona where he is in school) to jump off waterfalls or take a long hike to get lost in the world for a little. “That’s what fills my mind, how quickly I can escape reality; now only to capture it.”

And in September, he’ll be heading to Nottingham, England to study abroad. “Hopefully finding a new environment full of inspiring new people & experience a new culture.”

See more of his work here.

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