PRO PORTRAIT: Photographer Joel Robison Wants You to Believe in Make Believe.

Photographer Joel Robison tells stories though his work, but at the same time he enjoys the notion that those who view his images may be creating their own stories as they view them.

A lot of his images play with scale, size, multiples and the idea of "make believe." “I like to take ideas or concepts that the average person might say ‘that's impossible’ and make it look quite possible,” he says. He also focuses much of his work using the device of “book” to tell his stories.

Joel grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, in a small town called Cranbrook. About 5 years ago he started to take note of emerging photographers working on 365 photo projects on Flickr (a photo a day for a full year as a way to practice and present their craft). “I saw photographers creating amazing work that had amazing stories and concepts and I really wanted to try creating my own photographs. “

Joel has done three 365 photo a day projects, and is focused making photography his passion and fulltime focus. “Photography fills my mind almost every moment of the day, I'm always trying to think of ways to create the next image and to express an idea or dream.”

“My passion comes from a desire to share what I think is a ‘dream’ world that exists within each of us, I believe that as we grow up we're told not to dream, not to imagine things anymore, and I don't agree with that. I want people to see my work and see a new world.”

Take a look at Joel’s world, and see what you see.


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